Our Products

Kodex Global Construction Private Limited is a leading multinational chemical products manufacturing company operating for 41 years headquartered in Australia which involve in production of cementitious grout products, decorative coating products, epoxy system products, flooring products and Tile and stone installation products. After receiving a phenomenal response to our products in Australia we have expanded throughout in India in 2015. The products manufactured and supplied by kodex are known for their long lasting effect and cost effectiveness. Following are the features of products provided by Kodex which make them unique:

Cementitious grout products:

Grout is a fluid like mixture of cement, water and sand or chemical which act as adhesive and helps to fill gaps, repair concrete cracks, sealing joints and gap filling for waterproofing. Kodex Global provide cementitious grout products which are available in high quality premixed powder form, thus requires only mixing of water and are ready to use. It can be easily poured and pumped as per the need. It is non-toxic and inflammable. It has good adhesion property and strengthens the foundation of load bearing structure.

Decorative coating products:

Decorative coatings are used over the plastered surface Kodex Global provide decorative coating products which are highly durable, fire proof, provide heat and sound insulation and high strength while giving decorative appearance.

Epoxy system products:

Epoxy system products are general purpose adhesives which act as binder in cement and mortar. Kodex Global provide epoxy system products which has excellent moisture and chemical resistance. It has long shelf life.

Flooring products:

The term ‘flooring’ refers to the lower enclosing surface of spaces within buildings. The floor is very important part of building and choice of flooring material to be used is done on factors such as cost, durability, cleanliness, sound and thermal insulation, fire resistance etc. Flooring products provided by Kodex are proved to be true to the above mentioned factors.

Tile and stone installation products:

These are the furnishing products that are used to cover internal walls, ceilings and floors.

Waterproofing Products:

Waterproofing products supplied by Kodex in Mohali and Chandigarh are known to expand the life of concrete constructions. They also prevents degradation of environment and health conditions of customers. They are known for their mechanical resistance, durability and cost effectiveness which makes them preferable to construction workers and customers alike.