Kodeplug is a rapid setting cement-based compound that forms a durable plugging mortar designed to stop active water leaks in concrete and masonry structures. Based on a blend of unique cement, special fillers, and aggregates, Kodeplug is able to be used to stop active water leaks or seepage of water under pressure through holes, cracks and joints in solid concrete and masonry surfaces. Once mixed with water and applied to the surface, the fast setting Kodeplug mortar expands during its curing process to form a watertight seal that provides an immediate stop to running water. When cured, the Kodeplug provides similar properties to concrete.


  • Rapid setting, forming an instant plug against active leaks within 3-7 minutes
  • Requires addition of water only
  • Outstanding adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Excellent workability to mold into holes, voids, crevices, joints or cracks
  • Free of chloride admixtures
  • Non shrinking when dried
  • Expands while setting to form a crack free waterproof seal
  • Does not promote corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures

Area Used

Emergency repairs against water leaks Sealing cracks and construction joints in water retaining structures, e.g. tanks, reservoirs Sealing active leaks with a negative head of pressure, e.g. lift shafts, basements, manholes Joint filling and pointing between concrete segments in concrete and bricktunnels, sewage systems, pipes, cellar walls Below ground access chambers, foundations and mines Sealing construction joints, wall/floor junctions in underground applications before tanking


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