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KodeFlex 2K Tank

Kodeflex 2K tank is a two component polymer modified cementitious coating designed for waterproofing concrete and masonry surfaces in a variety of applications. Applied by roller, brush, trowel or spray methods, once it get cured then provides a protective barrier to concrete surfaces against salts, chlorides and carbonation based on unique cross linking polymer technology. Kodeflex 2K tank displays outstanding adhesion properties over numerous building substrates including concrete, masonry, renders, screeds and cement based mineral surfaces. No priming is required as Kodeflex basement bonds to clean pre-dampened surfaces free of surface water. For applications where finishes need to be applied over this membrane, tiles, renders, textures and solvent free paints are able to be directly applied to the cured Kodeflex 2K tank surface.

KodeFlex 2K Tank
    • Concrete walls and surfaces in subterranean areas
    • Water features, water tanks, reservoirs and ponds
    • Protection of concrete columns, pillars and general surfaces against chloride attack and carbonation
    • Coating of concrete water retaining channels, pits, drains
    • External waterproof protection on concrete
    • Recommended to overcoat with Kodex
    • UV protective coatings)
    • 12Kg (Part A 5Kg Liquid + Part B 7Kg powder)
    • 48kg (Part A 20kg Liquid + Part B 28Kg powder)