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KodeLastic Roofcoat

KodeLastic Roofcoat is an acrylic modified urethane membrane. It has been formulated to create a tenacious bond to most surfaces. KodeLastic Roofcoat forms a tough, flexible waterproof membrane with a high film strength and exceptional elongation and elasticity, that will expand and contract under normal substrate movement. It is supplied as a thixotropic liquid, which is easily applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The formulation is fully optimised to ensure quick tack-free time, fast cure, high solids and excellent resistance to swelling. It fully complies with the test requirements of AS:4858-2004 and AS:4654.1-2010 "Waterproofing for external above ground use"

KodeLastic Roofcoat
    • Rooftops
    • Terraces
    • Balconies & Decks
    • 4 Litre
    • 10 Litre