KodeLatex MUAB

KODELATEX MUAB is a white liquid Acrylic Polymer admixture blended with selected Additives formed a waterproof coating and bonding agent. When it has been diluted, it produces a gauging solution for improving cementitious mixes. When it is mixed with quality cement, it improves the mechanical properties such as bonding (adhesion) with various building materials and provides flexural, compression and impact strength.


  • Excellent Bonding Qualities
  • Enhance waterproofing properties
  • Increase flexibility strength of Cement & cementitious composition
  • Single component easy to use Primer

Area Used

  • Spalled concrete, floor, columns, beams, chajja, slab & parapet etc.
  • Old to new concrete, masonry,stonework plaster, fixing or re-fixing slip bricks, tiles, marbles & bedding.
  • Reinforcement steel
  • Additives for renders & mortars
  • As an flexibiliser to cement


  • 500 gm
  • 1Kg
  • 10kg